About Cuba

Don't be fooled by it's shabby and dilapidated facades, look beyond and there are treasures hidden within the very dust that settles on this often misunderstood place.

Trapped in another time on the heels of an economic crisis that lasted for more than 50 years, this is a place where the unexpected should always be expected, and thats the very thing that makes it such an interesting country to visit.

One of the most fascinating things about Cuba is how much of their colonial past remains. Without the interference of modern society, its cities remain closely aligned to the days when pirates roamed the Caribbean, with cobbled streets and market squares telling tales of history long since past. Many buildings had fallen int ruin, but have structurally stood the test of time and as investment increases, developments, homes and retro-fitted pop-up restaurants have found their way into this magical, historical place.

This is a great time to visit Cuba as the well known brands are still nowhere to be seen, but modern innovation is beginning to sow its seed and creative minds are experimenting. From quaint cafe's and pop-up restaurants to art exhibits, museums and galleries, the rural feel of ViƱales to the urban development in Havana, there's a sense that the country has been kissed by its prince and is just beginning the slow process of waking up from its slumber, and the transformation is magical.

With high's ranging from the mid-20's to early 30's year round, Cuba's drier season comes between November and April,while it's rainy season is May to October. The warmth of the Caribbean Sea and the fact that it's across the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, make the country prone to hurricanes which are most common from September to October.

From abandoned coffee plantations and swamps infested with crocodiles in the lush inland and harsh mountains, to the white sandy beaches scattered across the north shore, this magnificent country must be seen to be believed and is well worth a visit. Book your next trip now.