Pause the Moment

Pause the Moment

Ryan is a location independent blogger who splits his time between Playa del Carmen, Greece, and the rest of the world. The blog posts on Pause the Moment are heavy on photography, getting the reader straight into the action. Highly recommended!

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24 fun & historical things to do in Rhodes, Greece

10th June 2019

These are just some of the many wonders that await visitors in Rhodes, Greece – The Island of the Knights. The Island has been conquered and re-conquered by Christians and Muslims, and the architecture all around it still lives to tell the tale....

Zakynthos 101: The beginner’s guide to Zakynthos, Greece

10th May 2019

Zakynthos Island (also known as Zante) is the third largest Greek island in the Ionian Sea, located off the west coast of mainland Greece. Zakynthos town includes many squares — every corner and path seems to be brimming with Zakynthos history. Did you know?: The Venetians ruled Zakynthos island from 1484 to 1797. The island is now known as a tourist hotspot and it’s also home to two endangered species, the Caretta Caretta sea turtle and the Monachus seal. Many landmarks...

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