Rachel on Route

Rachel on Route

We love Rachel's Californian laid back style. She's a relentless traveler, having notched up visits to 37 countries and counting. We highly recommend Rachel's rich blog posts that are packed with information, and of course her beautiful photography

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Whale watching with Wild Whales Vancouver

24th June 2019

This year I turned 30 years old. Iā€™m actually OK with this milestone, as I have found that as I grow older I feel far more comfortable in myself. I am far more confident and self-assured. It feels lke I have finally and entirely left my youth...

Review of Wedgewood Hotel and Spa, Vancouver

11th June 2019

This year Ian and I celebrated our 9th anniversary together. (Whaaaaaat, how did time go so quickly?) And after a rough few months, and a serious dive in my sanity/mental health, I decided we both needed a little luxury in our lives. So as a mid year treat, I booked a one night stay in the delightful Wedgewood Hotel and Spa. This is not a sponsored/paid post ā€“ all opinions are entirely my own! Wedgewood Hotel and Spa Review. The hotel is located at 845 Hornby Street, in...

Vegan fast food in Paris

Updated 28th May 2019

Last year was a bit of a year of personal growth for us, which ended with a vegan adventure in Paris, followed swiftly...

Los Corrales ā€“ A brief stay in a rural Spanish idyll

Updated 28th May 2019

Los Corrales is a sweet little rural village, nestled in the Seville province of Spain. Its small population (4,095...

Best cities for celebrating halloween

Updated 28th May 2019

Halloween! The much loved and celebrated holiday is just around the corner, and I asked fellow bloggers what their...

How I survived my first solo trip - Oslo, Norway

Updated 25th May 2019

So for my first solo trip I had decided to plan and travel to Norway, for a week long stay. I figured it was a safe country, not too far away from home, but different enough that it would feel adventurous and exciting. My brother and Ian dropped me off at Stansted Airport...

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