The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad

We absolutely love Kiki and her travel blog The Blonde Abroad. A California native, she brings that cool Cali vibe to her sharp writing and simply gorgeous photos. Her content is primarily aimed at women and solo travellers, although any travel lover will find a ton of useful information in her posts.

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10 tips for your first trip to Australia

18th June 2019

Australia is the birthplace of The Blonde Abroad and it’ll always hold a special place in my heart (I came up with the concept of this very blog while sitting at a cafe near Sydney Harbour!). When I first left the corporate world in search of...

The best destinations to travel to in August

16th June 2019

Summer is going to be in full swing soon enough, and for those that want to plan the ultimate trip to finish off the sunny season—August is the best time to visit countless destinations around the globe!However, there are a few places that aren’t so ideal. Many European hotspots are abandoned in August while the locals go on holiday. In Paris, for example, small boutiques and restaurants often close as Parisians explore the countryside…so you really won’t get much of...

5 tips for your first trip to China

29th August 2018

China is a fascinating country with centuries of rich history and culture. But, it can be quite the culture shock on...

Exploring Tokyo

27th July 2018

Tokyo is one of my favorite cities on Earth-- and it's easy to see why! My friend Tiana and I spent a whirlwind week in...

Exploring Havana

10th July 2018

With only 48 hours in Havana, my best friend and I hit the ground running (or should I say got the wheels...

Exploring Namibia

Updated 27th June 2019

Namibia has become one of my all-time favorite African countries. I've visited on two occasions, and feel like I've barely scraped the surface of everything there is to see and do here. Between towering red sand dunes and incredible wildlife, Namibia is a truly amazing country to explore by car. On my first visit here, I road tripped down to Sossusvlei to Deadvlei, where 900-year-old dead camel thorn trees still stand. I also discovered one of my favorite luxury...

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