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About Montenegro

Surrounded by majestic mountains, stunning beaches, friendly locals and a rich history, the tiny island of Montenegro is living proof that good things often come in small packages. Despite its current status as "must see" destination, you won't find the hassling scammers and aggressive touts so often associated with up-and-comers like this. Instead, you'll more likely find yourself invited in to join the locals and their families for dinner. As a borderland, splitting the east and west, its varied cultural history is clear to see with ancient monasteries, old forts and incredible ruins scattered across its shores. For the insta"saciable" out there, nothing is quite as breathtaking as the sun going down over walled cities that seem to slip into sea for a quiet dip. This truly is a land deserving of its "it" status and a must see for any traveller looking to experience something special, somewhere different.

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