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Cultural familiarity, boutique bistros, rich history, art, cuisine, architecture, wine, sun, sea and sand...the list goes on. From the famous sites and romance that personifies the French capital, to the lush wine regions and down to the coastal towns and cities of the Riviera, France caters to every whim. Lead the jet-setter life in Cannes or Nice while you sip cocktails and people watch to your hearts content. Join the beautiful people, sunning themselves along its southern coastlines, discover the history behind some of the oldest and most world renowned vineyards around Bordeaux, take in the sights in Paris or swat up on your history and pay your respects in the north. On a clear day, standing in the right spot, you can see France from our English shores, so there;s really no excuse not to visit and witness for yourself have diverse a country it really is.

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The best hotels to stay at in Paris

4th August 2022 by The Blonde Abroad

Paris is the City of Love. Whether you are traveling as a couple, a solo female traveler, or a family, I have no doubts that you will fall in love with Paris, France. When thinking about where to stay in Paris, I generally recommend staying around arrondissements (or districts) 1 through 9, as they are a bit more central to some of the best places to visit in Paris. However, there are some great AirBnBs in Paris and other hotels in arrondissements a bit farther out but may require a metro ride...

The best luxury hotels in Paris

20th July 2022 by The Blonde Abroad

Looking for the most romantic getaway of all time in the land of…well, romance? While you can absolutely travel Paris on a budget, for those looking for a lavish holiday and want to splurge on the finer things, that can absolutely be found, too!...

10 places to visit in the South of France

6th June 2022 by The Blonde Abroad

The South of France has a reputation for being a glamorous, lush, and tropical destination — and that’s because it’s true! Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or this is your first-ever trip to France, you’ll definitely love a vacation spent exploring this region of the country. You’ll be able to experience luxurious retreats, culinary masterpieces, and a truly unmatched stretch of coastline. Not sure which cities to visit in the South of France or looking for some of the top...

Where to find the best food in Paris

15th May 2022 by The Blonde Abroad

If you’re visiting France’s capital city, you’re in for a treat. French cuisine has been globally renowned since the 18th century, not only for its flavors but also for its presentation and the overall dining experience. You’ll get to indulge in some incredible French meals like steak-frites, croque monsieur sandwiches, and poulet chasseur — and that’s not even including the delectable pastries and desserts that Paris is known for!...

10 places to visit in Paris (that aren’t the Eiffel Tower)  

28th March 2022 by The Blonde Abroad

The City of Lights has inspired generations of artists, designers, and writers. It’s been the starting point of oh-so-many love stories. For generations, Paris has been stirring up daydreams and endless wanderlust. From chic sidewalk cafes to world-class museums, there are countless things to do in Paris. Whether you’re looking for mother daughter trips or a dream honeymoon destination, the French capital is a prime pick....

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